New products are in stock one after another♪

I'm busy preparing new products!


Hello everyone! JPN-STYLE STORE's NINJA STAFF 雄気(Yuki)!

I will update the STAFF blog today!
Tokyo has become very hot, how are you guys spending?
When passing the flower shop, my favorite summer flowers, "Sunflowers" were lined up!


Don't you think that yellow flowers have the power to invigorate people?
When I see sunflowers, I always feel bright!
I want to display it in my house!
I returned home, feeling that summer had come.

When I went to the convenience store that night, the this items were on sale!


(/ω\) Well... Matcha ramen... The taste seems to be based on chicken soup.
Japanese taste... Japanese style... JPN-STYLE,
So … I bought and tried it!

When you open the lid...


It was a bit greenish (.-`ω-)
Pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes. ..

As for the taste, the taste of white chicken soup is strong, but the aftertaste has a little matcha flavor.
I love matcha, but this is... I think it's enough to eat once.
This product is limited to Japan, but if you are interested, please try it!


JPN-STYLE story!


In JPN-STYLE STORE, the main products are earrings now, but the number of products will be increased in the future!
There are more than 50 kinds of products currently being prepared for sale, and we are currently working hard! We also have fashion accessories such as hair ornaments, shoes and sandals! We will do our best to start selling all products by the end of July! I hope you can wait a little longer!

Today, I just cut out the prepared scenes!
('◇') It's just a little bit!

[Kyoto gold brocade belt, Chirimen(crepe) belt] 


[CHIRIMEN(crepe) products]


【hair ornaments】


In addition to this, we have prepared a lot of items using high-quality crepe!
Please look forward to it!
Then, I will do my best after the break to prepare the products! !!

Now charging,充電中

(During a break~zzz)

···Yes! !! !!

Let's meet again next time~
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