New products are in stock one after another♪

Japan is getting hot...


I'm Yuki, the NINJA STAFF!

International shipping still has a big problem due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but I would like to deliver the harmony to everyone in the countries and regions where shipping is possible! With that feeling, I manage JPN-STYLE STORE every day.

JPN-STYLE STORE has just opened and there are many points that have not arrived yet,
We are evolving day by day, so thank you for your cooperation.

As of July 1, 2020, we have started shipping to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in addition to Japan.
Traveling abroad is difficult this year, but I want to hide in a box and go to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao...

I,Yuki went to Taiwan every year, but I'm really sorry that I can't go this year. ..
I've been to Hong Kong only once, but I've never been to Macau.
I want to go play again when I can travel to the world!

Above, NINJA STAFFIt was the first diary of Yuki