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Japanese pattern belt

Gold brocade belt

W pin belt that luxuriously uses fine brocade cloth.
Gold and silver threads enhance the brilliance of the belt.
In addition to the classic cherry blossoms and dragons, we also have colors that are rare in Japanese patterns such as phoenix and floral patterns.
Because it is not embroidery but woven, it does not fray easily and lasts a long time.

Crepe Japanese pattern belt

Belt made from 100% polyester high-quality crepe fabric
One sticking to the quality of the fabric and expressing Japaneseness
If you like Japanese pattern, you can use one piece of crepe dough that can be used for any person regardless of age or sex!

Japanese pattern belt

A Japanese pattern belt that takes advantage of the high-quality texture of silk cloth.
Depending on how the light hits, the pattern may be embossed or unobtrusive...
One stylish and popular with Japanese pattern fans
A cool and cool style that is different from brocade and crepe is here!