New products are in stock one after another♪


Double-edged bun clip, single-edged bun clip, 3-jaw bun clip
Concorde clip etc.
Clip series that can be quickly taken out and put together quickly
We have collected Japanese clips that can be used by children and adults!

Hair elastic

Anyone can easily put together and enjoy the sum!
In addition to everyday wear, a nice hair elastic that can be used with yukata and kimono
This quickly changes to a Japanese style
Ninja calls this the magic wagashi


Appeal more Japanese style ♪
A variety of cute sushi made from crepe fabric are available.
Good to use through your arm


Japanese style Valletta with a simple arrangement
This item is widely used by beginners and people who are good at hair arrangements!


Just insert as usual,
Completion of a nice hair arrangement ♪
It's easy but I want to stick to it!
Recommended for such people!