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[Peony] Chirimen & chiffon single-edged bance clip

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I made a big flower of peony with crepe and chiffon material!
I attached it to a 3-claw vance clip to make a very gorgeous hair accessory!

A product that allows you to fully enjoy the texture of crepe and chiffon!
Compared with glossy acrylic material, it gives a very calm impression.
However, the glitz is not defeated here either!
There is a lot of volume, so it's a good idea to add it as an accent!

■ Product standard

Size: Diameter 7 cm
Color: White/Red/Navy/Pink/Black
Material: Flower fabric (polyester ) body (plastic) 
Quantity: 1 piece
Manufacturing: 台湾製(Made in Taiwan) 
*Depending on the characteristics of the product, the pattern may look different, so please enjoy it as your own pattern!
※※Because the body is easy to break, please handle it carefully※※
If you find any damage immediately after purchase, please contact customer support.