New products are in stock one after another♪


We have created sophisticated bookmarks by applying elaborate craftsmanship.
I am really surprised at the high quality. It is a very popular souvenir and gift.

A talisman bookmark that carries auspicious patterns by combining the Japanese pattern of the main and background.
A bookmark with an important wish.

Sum bookmark

A long and slender silhouette, a standard type that can be easily inserted between books.
Recommended for those who want practicality


A bookmark with a motif of a bird caricature which is said to be the oldest manga in Japan.
From the bookmark series of die-cut type and red stamp book

Red stamp bookmark

For those who want to enjoy delicate patterns in a larger size! It can also be used for other than red stamp book!

Sakura series

Sakura is indispensable for enjoying the uniqueness of Japan. For Sakura fans, the Sakura series is in stock.