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Amulet bookmark "Owl"

[Amulet bookmark] series with a lucky charm as a motif
An amulet with two owls praying for "housekeeping" with their close cuddles.
The owl can be translated as "hard work", and it is also an auspicious item that prayed that it would not be a hard work.

In addition, the pattern of "Shippou" is in the background.
This pattern, which expresses the endless spreading of "wa", is a perfect pattern for this amulet with the meaning of valuing the "wa" of the connection between people.

■ Product specifications
Material: Metal 
Surface treatment: 24k gold plating 
Body size: 50 x 50 mm 
Package size: 68 x 116 mm 
Contents: 1 piece
Manufacturing:  日本製made in Japan

*With a string (The color may differ from the product photo. You cannot select it.) 
*Packaging method and design may change without notice.
*The color of the product image may differ slightly from the actual product. In addition, the ratio of each part is not the same in the publication.