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Large openwork double-edged Vance clip

Acrylic double-edged bance clip with crepe dough inside!
The two blades overlap each other like the petals of a cluster amaryllis, which is very beautiful.

This watermark is not just a pattern!
Because there is a curve around the hole of the watermark, it can create a reflection of light, so it will shine shiningly when it happens!
It is a proud product with attention to detail!

■ Product standard

Size: 4.5cm x 8cm
Color: White/Red/Yellow/Navy/Black
Material: Acrylic
Quantity: 1 piece
Manufacturing: 台湾製(Made in Taiwan) 
*Depending on the characteristics of the product, the pattern may look different, so please enjoy it as your own pattern!
※※Be careful when handling, as acrylic products are fragile.※※
If you find any damage immediately after purchase, please contact customer support.