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Gold chopsticks Silver chopsticks Kasagi Nagase Bicolor

Gold chopsticks Silver chopsticks Kasagi Nagase Bicolor

Chopsticks using luxurious gold leaf from the long-established store "Hakuichi" in Kanazawa
We have prepared 3 types of vivid two colors.

Akane is a pattern that makes use of the black color of lacquerware,
Gold leaf that looks black is beautiful without a complaint, though the calm shade of madder

With the two colors of gold and silver, the gold color is processed a little to prevent it from being too shiny.
The three colors of gold, silver and black are finished in good balance. It is a very elegant impression

Purple and goldenTwo colors are a combination of Japanese high-class colors
Beautiful with a competitive presence, no matter whether men or women use it
It is a mysterious and lovely set that makes you feel like a person!

There are 5 types of this series in combination with Kasumi Nagase luxurious single color,
Perfect for a family or as a gift for your home!
How about a pair of chopsticks featuring traditional Kanazawa gold leaf crafts that Japan is proud of?

■ Product standard
Size: total length 23cm
Color: Akane Black/Gold/Silver/Purple Gold
Material: Natural wood / Urethane coating / Hiroshi Kanazawa Gold leaf
Classification: Synthetic lacquer
Quantity: 1 set
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN)