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Gold chopsticks silver chopsticks drop

Gold chopsticks Silver chopsticks Drops

Chopsticks using luxurious gold leaf from the long-established store "Hakuichi" in Kanazawa
"Shizuku" designed to make full use of gold leaf
Black and red couple chopsticks

The black chopsticks have been treated with drips, so you can enjoy the difference in how they shine from the viewing direction.
On the contrary, red is a feminine and elegant finish that cherishes the combination of red and gold colors.
*Currently, products with red drips are out of stock, so red products will not have drips. Please understand

With gratitude for the gift of a little day
How about a pair of chopsticks featuring traditional Kanazawa gold leaf crafts that Japan is proud of?

■ Product standard
Product name: Gold chopsticks Silver chopsticks Shizuku
Color / size: (black / total length 23cm): (red / total length 21cm)
Material: Natural wood / Urethane coating / Hiroshi Kanazawa Gold leaf
Classification: Synthetic lacquer
Quantity: 1 set 1 set
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN)