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Gold chopstick rest Million stones (5 pieces)

Gold chopstick rest Million stones (5 pieces)

A chopstick rest using luxurious gold leaf from the long-established store "Hakuichi" in Kanazawa
The body is made of glass and has a beautiful shape that the bottom is processed and the gold leaf shines beautifully from any direction.
Not only Japanese dishes but also Western dishes can be used in combination!

It's a great gift for home, and it's sure to make your meal even better by preparing it for visitors!
How about a pair of chopstick rests with traditional gold leaf Kanazawa crafts that Japan is proud of?

■ Product standard
Product name: Gold chopstick rest Hyakumangoku (5 pieces)
Size: about 3.5cm
Color: golden
Material: Glass / Hiroshi Kanazawa Gold Leaf
Quantity: 1 set (5 pieces set)
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN) 

When I was concerned about 1 million stones and looked up, it seems that the current value is about 60 billion yen
The Edo Shogunate is also surprised!