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Gold and silver bowl sun moon

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Gold and silver bowl Sun Moon

From the long-established store in Kanazawa, Hakuichi, to the Japanese-style bowl, Sun Moon.
The inside of the bowl is a beautiful classic vermilion color, which complements Japanese dishes.
The outside has two colors, red and black, and can be used as a bowl
The circle pattern of gold and silver represents the day and the moon, and it is a special pattern with gratitude for your usual meal.

■ Product standard
Product name: Gold and silver bowl Sun Moon
Size: maximum diameter about 10.5 cm x height about 7.0 cm
Color: Vermilion/Black
Material: Urethane coating / ABS resin / Kanazawa foil
Classification: Synthetic lacquer
Quantity: 1 set 1 set
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN)