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[Price limited for a limited time] Hand towel mask

Japanese pattern mask made with a towel
Can be repeatedly washed and reused
It's a little extra size, so male ninjas can also use it

Since there is a pocket between the outer material and the lining,
It can be used by sandwiching a filter or gauze.
*No filters or gauze are included.

■ Product standard

Size: Width of about 20 cm, height of about 13 cm
Color: Hemp leaf (blue, peach)
Gathered chrysanthemum (blue, peach)
White clover (yellow)
Taku Kikubun (dark blue)  All 6 types
Material: Outer fabric (100% cotton) Lining (100% cotton)
Quantity: 1 piece
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN) 

*Because it is a towel-using product, the pattern will differ depending on the location of the fabric.
Please understand.