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[Ryuzu] Kinbori Work Shoes Chrysanthemum

Limited quantity of Japanese pattern brand "Ryuzu"
Kinbaku work shoes are in stock!

This is a work shoe with a brocade “Chrysanthemum” pattern for switching outsoles.
The shoe color is black and the material is PU leather
The leather-like texture gives it a luxurious feel, but since it's not genuine leather, it will quickly fit on your feet!

The gold brocade part has a three-dimensional finish with the chrysanthemum line brightly framed with gold thread.
The petals are also orange and white and are colorful
If you look closely at the background of the gold brocade, you should see a dark blue sea of clouds so that the entire shoe does not get dark.
Designed in harmony with the luxury of gold and PU

The cushioned insole and thick sole with excellent grip reduce fatigue when walking. The material is also softer than it looks, so it will quickly fit on your feet

Of course, you can wear it in a suit, wear tight everyday clothes, and Japanese-style attire!
It is also recommended for a one-point Japanese pattern with shoes only!

Stock will be limited¥6000 Yen (JPY) OFF!!
Sold out with first come, first served!

■ Product standard
List price: JPY 14,000 (JPY)
Size: 25cm(40) / 26cm(41) / 27cm(42)
Color: Black x chrysanthemum
Material: Outsole: PU leather Outsole: Rubber
Quantity: 1 pair
Manufacturing: 中国製(CHINA)