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Hiragana Kanoko Tabi 27cm (Medium length)

For Kanoko socks that are smooth and comfortable to wear
4 colors with cute hiragana scattered around are available!

This pattern is medium length
The pattern of the Daruma (white) is "Nanakoro Yaoki"
Mt. Fuji (blue) has "Japan (Japan)" as the pattern
The sumo (purple) pattern is "good"
The beckoning cat (ash) pattern says "Fukumaneki"

It has a Japanese feel, and it has a very soft design using the rounded hiragana!
Recommended for souvenirs not only in Japan but also overseas!
This is another NINJA STAFF sock favourite!

■ Product standard
Size: Medium length 25-28 cm
Color: White (Daruma)/Blue (Mt.Fuji)/Purple (Sumo)/Gray (Maneki Neko)
Material: 35% cotton, 25% nylon, 20% acrylic, 15% polyuretan, 5% polyester 
Quantity: 1 pair
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN) [Nara Prefecture]