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[Japanese pattern slip-ons] Ume Hana flowers

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Japanese pattern slip-ons are available from Nadeshiko Komachi!
You can enjoy the adult Japanese pattern with a calm color
It was elegantly combined with Kanoko, Aomi wave, cherry blossoms and irises.
It's easy to walk on, even if it's quickly removed and quickly removed
Casually popular slip-ons now, but fashionable

■ Product standard
Brand: Nadeshikomachi
Product name: [Japanese slip-on] 
Size: 25 cm (US: 40)
Material: Cotton (upper) / polyester (lining) / EVA (outsole)
中国製made in China

Nadeshikomachi is a women's brand,
This is available for both men and women! Since we are using larger sizes
Also for male ninjas!

21~24,26cm is sold out.
25cm only sold.
This is a discontinued product, so there are no plans to restock it.
Thank you for your understanding.