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[Ageha sandals] All 6 types

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Japanese pattern sandals that can be used in various situations!

◆ Comfort
Anyway it's light!
Wedge sole has sufficient thickness and elasticity to prevent fatigue
It's designed to fit on the arch and is very comfortable to walk in!
Furthermore, since the thong has a PP cover and is thick, it does not hurt easily.

◆ Pattern and size
We have bright Japanese patterns that are easy to match with yukata etc.
Even auspicious things that combine traditional floral patterns such as camellias and cherry blossoms and Japanese patterns!
We also have sizes from small to large!

■ Product standard

Brand: Nadeshikomachi
Product Name: Ageha Sandals
Pattern: Kiku Kanoko (NAVY) / Sakura Sakura (GLAY) / Camellia Cloisonne (BLACK)
: Iris (NAVY) / Sakura Kasuri (GLAY) / Striped chrysanthemum (BLACK)
Size: 21cm ( US: 36) / 22cm (US: 37)
           : 23cm (  US: 38 )  24cm (US: 39)
US: 40) / 26cm (US: 41)
Material: Cotton (upper) / polyester (lining) / EVA (outsole)
中国製made in China

Since it does not use chlorine, it is an eco-friendly material that does not generate dioxin even when incinerated.
Rest assured that it will not easily deteriorate even if it is exposed to rain wind and ultraviolet rays!
*Depending on the place where the fabric is used, the pattern will differ.
Enjoy the one-of-a-kind design as your own!