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[Washi earrings] Furin earrings

Earrings with a motif of wind chimes

Japanese paper is embedded in a gold frame with a wind chime motif.
There are 3 types of Japanese paper
Plum: Japanese color is compatible with gold frame ◎, casually in yukata etc.
Goldfish: Very cool and refreshing color.
It seems that the goldfish seen at the point has hollowed out one video!
Fireworks: The fireworks that bloom in the night sky are cut out, perfect for the summer image!
The colors unique to Japanese paper are beautiful!

■ Product standard
Size: Total length 4.5 cm (motif 3 cm)
Pattern: Plum / Goldfish / Fireworks
Material: Tin alloy / Japanese paper / Titanium
Quantity: 2 pieces 1 set
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN)