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[Amulet piercing] Crane and natural stone

Introducing elegant earrings made of cranes and natural stone!
A charm of a special lucky charm with a motif that a crane protects natural stones with big wings
You can choose by color or stone. As a gift with a feeling!

Carnelian: Energy activation!Strengthen bonds with important people such as friends and lovers
Amethyst: romance fulfillment. Creativity is enhanced by wearing it!
Rose Quartz: A stone that makes a woman's inner beauty shine, and makes us feel bright and positive

■ Product standard
Size: Total length 3.6 cm (motif 1.7 cm)
Color: Carnelian / Amethyst / Rose Quartz (3 types)
Material: Natural stone/Brass
Quantity: 2 pieces 1 set
Manufacturing: 中国製(CHINA)