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Colorful Temari earrings

A handmade piece that carefully made each old toy "Temari"!
The “Stack” Temari series has a calm design in two colors.

It is a design with a ring on a small Temari.
Since the ring and Temari each shake, the movement of the entire pierced earrings appears and it is a simple but strong piercing!

The color of the out-of-stock item has already appeared, so please consider early when considering purchasing!

■ Product standard
Size: Motif: Approx. 1.7 cm
Color: Light Ink Vermilion / Navy Blue Indigo / Ink Gray / Kikyo Matcha Brown (Sold Out) / Naha Fat Matsuba (Sold Out)
Material: Thread: Polyester, Ball: Wood, Parts: Brass
Quantity: 1 piece
Manufacturing: 日本製(JAPAN) Osaka [Hand Made]