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A set of paper swords "Mikazuki Munechika"

A paper knife and a tsuba clip that faithfully reproduces the famous swords that people who have been active in history have.

This time, we added a miniature sword rack and commercialized a greedy paper sword set.

Easy to install at home. You can see the famous sword all the time, and it is a charming product.

You can also use it as an interior, so it will definitely be a cool room.

There are many variations, so please use your favorite set of paper swords.

made in Japan.

Product specifications

Contents: Paper knife, Tsuba clip, Sword stand

Package size: 103×190mm

*Packaging method and design may change without notice.

*The color of the product image may differ slightly from the actual product. In addition, the ratio of each part is not the same in the publication.