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JPN trip in IKAHO


Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce a picture of a hot spring trip in Ikaho, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.
Ikaho in Gunma Prefecture is a very famous hot spring resort in Japan.
I wish I could feel like traveling with everyone♪

You can get to Ikaho from Tokyo in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, so it's convenient from Tokyo!

Gunma Prefecture is a hot spring town, and there are so many hot spring areas.
Among them, it is especially easy to access from the center of the city,
It is highly recommended as a hot spring resort to visit for the first time in Japan♪

This place name "Ikaho" has been around for a long time, and there are various opinions about the origin of the place name.
For example,
It expresses the place where a hot spring springs, and is said to come from the Ainu squid hop (Tagiruyu).
There seems to be a theory that it is derived from the "squid peak" which means a steep mountain!

From that, it can be seen that it has a long history, and traveling while feeling and thinking about it will be an essence to enjoy the journey ♪ It will be quite a second (.-`ω-).


After arriving at Ikaho, I changed to my proud yukata and went to the famous "Stone Street".Slowly climb up the 365 steps of stone steps, known as the symbol of Ikaho Onsen, in a yukata. Souvenir shops, inns, and specialty shops line the side of the stone steps.
I forgot to take a picture of that time, so I'll get it right next time I go!

Do people all over the world already know that Japanese love baths? This long-established hot spring resort, which has been loved in Japan, is full of Japanese ideals ♪ It's almost like a paradise for me who love Japanese styles and kimono! After taking a bath...(/ω\)

so! It's dinner!


I enjoyed it slowly! Do you like this kind of Japanese food? ?
After spending time at the inn, I went home~

I ate a lot of other things, so just take photos of the food... _(:3"∠)_


Near Ikaho, there is Mizusawa Udon, one of Japan's 5 largest udon noodles!
Udon is very elastic and delicious! ! Also, because the area is surrounded by "mountains", wild vegetables are delicious anyway! With udon and tempura, the strongest gunma lunch!  (*'ω`)

And the NINJA staffs who was full of hunger went back to their hometown...