New products are in stock one after another♪

Received an order for a gift!


Hello everyone!  I'm NINJA STAFF 雄気 (Yuki)!

Recently, we are preparing new products such as new products and new products!
Meanwhile, we received a request for wrapping from a customer who chose our popular product "Orizuru's earrings" as a gift!

We are accepting requests for wrapping, so if you are considering a gift, please contact us!
We plan to make wrapping available on the site in the future, so it will be a nuisance until we can do it, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us directly.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you!

By the way, this time, we asked for 3 "orizuru pierced earrings" to be wrapped in their respective boxes, and finished with such a shape~

Wrapping ラッピング 禮品包裝

I attached a ribbon to a small red pillow-shaped box.
Pillow type There is strength in a small box, so it was perfect for "orizuru earrings" that are easily crushed!

Make three of these...

It was a shipping box, and I taped it to prevent them from hitting each other and sent them!
The color of the sticker makes it easier to see which "orizuru" is in which box!

Close the box with a note and a delivery note.
Delivery Ninja, please go!

I would be happy if you could be pleased.
This wrapping is "free".
We will support you for free until the wrapping rule is decided, so please feel free to contact us for gifts!

Messenger is convenient for consultation! You can carry out smoothly in a chat format!

Then I will prepare the next product and update the site, so I am here!
See you next time~