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Lunch break is sushi~

Lunch is SUSHI!!!!

Hello everyone!
I am Yuki from NINJA STAFF.

The weather was a bit bad in Tokyo today
How was your weekend?
I ate my favorite sushi for lunch break today!

One plate is 100 yen sushi! I love it!
When I have a lot of food, I eat about once a week

Do you like sushi? ?
This is my favorite sushi

[Aji]! It's delicious~
However, there may be quite a few people who like this horse mackerel most.

【How much】


And... [Tuna]!

(*'∀') was very delicious~
I'm hungry for a total of 880 yen!

Certainly, I was eating sushi even while studying in China~
Can it be eaten all over the world now?
Do you like sushi?
I definitely want to try sushi overseas